About Me

From an early age, Daniele grew up on bread, books, and movies which he devoured at home, at the cinema, and on tv whenever he had free moments from his studies. After picking up the keyboard of his first Commodore 64, his life began to change irreparably. It was in this period that he decided to follow his vision and to reach his goals.

Graduated in Communication Sciences and with a second degree honoris causa in Economics of Communication, Daniele throws himself into the world of Public Relations going around Europe as President of CERP Students Italy; it is in this period that he received the honorary position of member of PRSSA – Public Relations Society Students of America. In 2000 Daniele decided to take care of internet at 360° through DW DreamyourMind, becoming in the meanwhile teacher for lessons, courses, and IFTS at private institutions and training centers, and subsequently becoming an university master teacher at Unicusano. Radio RAI opinionist and theorist of a new beat generation, his articles are on the Huffington Post, Wired, Radio Radicale, and numerous Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines.

Researcher in SSRN, Daniele is on the jury of various online and offline advertising awards such as Communicator Awards, Davey Awards, IAC Awards, Mediastars, MobileWebAwards, PWI, Web Awards, W3 Awards and participates in managing Web Totale, business, tech & social information list. Very active in many associations, in particular in the ones related to the world of Communication and in the one of the Confindustria family where he held various institutional positions, Daniele is an opinion leader of Radio Cusano Campus and Radio RAI, and he is a member of the Scientific Committee of CORUS.

A budding journalist for Linkiesta and self-taught movie critic with Amazing Cinema, Daniele won in 2014 together with other friends the second position of the literary prize dedicated to the world of thriller created by 20lines.com thanks to the short story Innesti. He is the author of the Italian version of the book Trash into CashLa Tua Ridicola Idea da 1 Milione di Dollari and of Il Filo di Arianna.

He is one of the organizers of the TEDxViaDellaConciliazione and he is active in the galaxy of art thanks to Connekt Art Expo which he helped to organize. At the same, he is the creative mind under La Scuola di Rosa and he generated & managed the idea, logo and website to create IDM – Italia Design Map.

His level of knowledge about the galaxy of Startups and and the VCs that invest in them almost all over the world is a very deep one: always in search of the best unicorns in Europe, North America, and in the Persian Gulf area, in addition to investing directly in the sector, Daniele has been speaker during the Vancouver Startup Week and he is active with his new project called Startup Funding Map.

Recently he started to dialogue with his potential public using webinars, which he plays on the world of social media, on electronic invoicing, on HTML, and on coding languages.

His life in Canada has enriched thanks to his Business Advisor activity for Gourmicious and as ARPICO ex-Board of Directors` member with the role of Communication Manager.

Passionate about his favorite football team, he created the online area called AS Roma Story, a modern bignami for all roman supports worldwide. This project is followed by the Success Winners, another area where to discover how to be really successful – and what to avoid becoming fake people.

He lives his life between Rome, Vancouver, and Dubai with a wonderful wife and a baby principessa called Estella.