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Dominant Dynamics and Nash Equilibrium

- Adam Smith needs to be reviewed.
- What are you talking about?
- Because if we all try with the blonde, we block each other and in the end none of us takes it. Then we try it with her friends, and they all turn their backs on us because no one likes to be a makeshift. But if, on the other hand, no one tries with the Blonde, we don't hinder each other and we don't offend the other girls. It is the only way to win. It is the only way for everyone to fuck. Adam Smith said that the best result is when each member of the group does what is best for them, right?
- Quite right.
- Incomplete. Because the best result is obtained when each member of the group does what is best for himself and for the group.
- If it is a way to be the only one to try it with the Blonde, he goes to hell.
- Dominant dynamics, gentlemen, dominant dynamics. Adam Smith was wrong."

(John Nash / Russell Crowe & Alicia Nash / Jennifer Connelly in A Beautiful Mind)

This is what the exaggerated standardization of the concepts that make up people's lives leads to, it is valid in politics (as you are admiring in Italy too in these European elections), it is valid in our personal lives, in feelings and in everything else.

Always do what is best for yourself and the group, at the same level. Assuming, of course, that you are clear which group you belong to, because you cannot in this logic be part of more than one group otherwise you would fall back into the problem.

Thanks, Nash