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The West Coast on fire from San Francisco to Greater Vancouver

The West Coast is on fire since 2020, September 8th, starting from San Francisco and the Bay Area and moving towards north thanks to winds in favor.

Here following the skyline of San Francisco in that moment:

But fires of California have been a small sister for what was going to happen in Oregon, an inferno able to destroy thousands of lives in cities likeSalem or Albany, and to put in danger the survive itself of Portland.

This is the skyline of Portland under the smoke since September 11th:

Thousands of kilometres of smoke arrived to Seattle, with a surreal skyline for one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Step by step the smoke arrived up to the ocean coast of Vancouver Island on September 10th, invading the day after the majority of the South Coast of British Columbia, Greater Vancouver included.

September 13th fires entered with strong energy deeply inside British Columbia up to Kelowna at 3 pm, entering in Alberta and Saskatchewan and arriving near to cities like Edmonton, Calgary and Regina.

Talking about Greater Vancouver, the worst moments have been September 12th afternoon, when the quality of air in front of Granville Island reached the toxic deadly record level for the cleanest city of the world of 304 US AQI, alias PM2.5 | 253.2 μg/m3, and September 14th lunch time, where that record has been defeated again in Granville Island by 335 US AQI.

For what about the place where I live, in North Van, the quality of air is at 204 US AQI and arrived at the maximum level of 211 US AQI September 12th, and 257 US AQI September 14th.

I can say to have experienced the worst smoke pollution of the world in a big city in the last 10 years.