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Communicating you personal death and predicting the future, by Mac Miller

Malcolm James McCormick, known to all as Mac Miller, was no ordinary person.
I'm talking about it in the past because today the well-known star of world rap, Ariana Grande's boyfriend for 2 years, has left us forever for a suspected overdose at only 26 years old.

But aside from his very special music, what made Mac probably unique?

Communicating his death: Mac was a junkie, and by the end of his relationship with Ariana he had lost the will to live. Anyone who followed him musically speaking had understood this a little, as the star clearly communicates in his latest work Self Care, where we see him in a coffin. Furthermore, all this clashes with the first of her great successes, Best Day Ever, a work that speaks of a person ... happy? With hindsight, unfortunately not. Mac has communicated his death from the beginning, hiding it on the Best Day Ever, that of his own death.

Predicting the future: Mac wasn't just good at figuring out years ago how his life would turn out, but he could predict the future thanks to his musical notes about him. An example of this is the song Donald Trump, which speaks in 2011 of what would become the most contested President of the United States of modern times, dissecting it in the smallest details as only real rappers can do.

Perhaps the world will forget this young man over time, but fans of his music will still keep him in their hearts. Forever.

Worst Day Ever, Donald Trump: RIP, Mac Miller

Mac, a name as the Apple treasure, able to make history on informatics ///

Donald Trump, a historical & political prevision when for all the world he was failing ///

Best Day Ever, for him the worst one possible: today is dead Mac Miller, and here we want to commemorate the most important white skin rapper after Eminem ///

RIP in Peace, Mac ///